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These Teachers Are Making A Difference

by M.M. Maglasang People say that the youth hold the key to the future. But we forget to add that the ones who polish and shine these "keys" are teachers. Teaching is more than relaying facts and figures straight out of textbooks. It's opening a person's eyes to wider perspectives through education. Learning can happen anywhere as teachers come from everywhere -- the academia, the fashion industry, and even out in the open sea. This week, we highlight three educators who have inspired countless individuals in their respective fields. Read on to learn their stories and what being a teacher means to them. Former University Instructor and current PhD student Fun Fact: If you love the Sinag Fuchsia, you have Nat to thank...

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7 Creative Ways to Use Your Banig Mat

The banig is no ordinary mat. With a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes, this handwoven work of art is versatile enough to be used for anything from travel to interior design to any kind of creative work. What was once used traditionally for sleeping or sitting on has evolved into a real handy and multi-purpose item! 1. Frame It For All To See A large framed banig mat in your living room makes for a “welcome” piece of art! Greet your guests with a colorful framed banig - or three - on the wall as they enter your home. Photo by @piepadua 2. Bring a Banig on Your Travels From sun, sand, sea, or summit, a banig is a great companion for all your...

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The Craft of Waiting

I watch as ate Arlene slips dyed buri strips into the eye of a long, flat needle – pahot, the Waray call it – then pushes it into a sliver of space in the banig mat, where the weft and warp overlap. It takes a bit of force to get it under; for a second, I fear that the tikog leaves will break and rupture.

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